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Scanula is a clean, modern, and fast QR code, data matrix, and barcode scanner. There are 3 ways of detecting QR codes:

When using the camera Scanula will also detect barcodes, data matrices, and many other scannable codes. Scan results show detailed information about the scanned object and is customised for various types of scanned content, such as displaying a scanned location on a map, getting the balance of a bitcoin address, or showing the details of a contact card.

All information can be easily shared using the built-in share sheet, or by generating a QR code. If your device supports handoff you can easily open URLs on a Mac or another iOS device.

Scanula also makes it easy to find, share, and view previous scan results from the History tab, which displays scan results in reverse scan-date order and can be easily filtered by type of object scanned and by assigning favourites.