I have worked on various projects, some of which are outlined below. My open-source projects are highlighted on my GitHub.


I founded Yetii Ltd. in April 2014 so that I could release my iOS apps under a single, professional, brand. I used the Yetii brand for larger projects that need the professional touch, namely iOS apps.


Gathered is the first app I released on the App Store. It aggregates the various sources of data that iOS provides and supports viewing the values in real-time, along with recording the values and exporting as CSV or JSON.


Scanula is an iOS app that makes scanning all types of barcodes, including QR codes, fast and simple. Scanula offers a history of scanned objects and provides custom actions on a per-object-type basis, such as adding contacts, viewing locations on a map, and opening URLs.

Yarn Ball

Yarn Ball is a Chrome, Firefox, and Safari web extension that replaces `npm` commands with their `yarn` equivalent. The source code is available on Github.

Timetable Parser

Timetable parser is a tool I created to allow for my University timetable to be available through my calendar app on my computer and phone. It is written in Node.js and utilises SASS, Gulp, and Express. I wrote a blog post explaining the research I did to make the project possible. The source code is available on Github.