I have worked on various projects, some of which are outlined below. The majority of my open-source projects are available either under my GitHub page or Yetii's GitHub page.


I founded Yetii Ltd. in April 2014 so that I could release my iOS apps under a single, professional, brand. I used the Yetii brand for larger projects that need the professional touch, namely iOS apps.

Timetable Parser

Timetable parser is a tool I created to allow for my University timetable to be available through my calendar app on my computer and phone. It is written in Node.js and utilises SASS, Gulp, and Express. The source code is available on Github.


Chrome Web Store

Instagrator is a Google Chrome extension I create to automatically create links out of Instagram usernames and hashtags in Facebook posts. It has options for which service to use since (at the time of creation) those features were not available through the officially Instagram website. These features are now incorporated in to Facebook, rendering the extension moot. The source code is available on GitHub.

Web Localiser

Safari Extension

Web Localiser is the first piece of software I released to the public. It served a simple task: provide a quick and easy way to change the top-level domain of the current website. It was originally created to help circumvent a bug in Safari that would cause Google to always redirect to, rather than the correct country's TLD, such as Since its creation it has been downloaded over 60,000 times and was featured on Apple's Safari Extension Gallery. The source code is available on GitHub.