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Open Source

I am a big believer in open source software, which I contribute to through GitHub. My commits are signed with my PGP key.

I have a Swift Package Collection available that includes all the Swift packages I maintain. My GitHub profile also highlights my most popular projects.

The collects all contributions, releases, and blog posts relating to open source.

Below are the open source projects I have contributed to recently.


Swift macro to add Hashable conformance by decorating properties

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Create type-safe deep links in to iOS apps, macOS apps, and websites using Swift macros.

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Swift macro to add deprecated symbols, useful when renaming a symbol without introducing a breaking change.

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My personal website and blog

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A Swift framework for building composable collection view sections

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UI tests used to validate Composed diffing

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A set of Swift libraries for parsing, inspecting, generating, and transforming Swift source code.

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