I take my own privacy seriously and in turn take the privacy practices of this website seriously.


This website uses Matomo and NGINX logs to gather analytics.

Matomo Analytics

Matomo is used to gather client-side analytics. Matomo is configured to disable cookies and anonymise the last 2 bytes of IP addresses.


NGINX is used to serve the content of this website. NGINX access logs are kept on the server and analysed by GoAccess.

Browsing without Analytics

If you wish to browse the website without Matomo tracking and access logging disabled please browse via the Tor hidden service linked below.

3rd Party Content

All content is served by the domain you are browsing on; no 3rd party domains are used to load content.

The website is built with various open-source projects and is open-source itself on GitHub. These 3rd party projects are used to enhance the experience while browsing the website and improve the development experience.

If you wish to browse the website without downloading any 3rd party content it is possible to browse the website with JavaScript disabled.


This website does not contain any information that could be considered sensitive enough to warrant access via Tor, but I enjoy technology as a whole and have setup a Tor hidden service, which can be accessed at http://jduffyuk6evkttqy.onion. This service bypasses nginx, does not log any requests, and does not have any form of analytics.