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Gathered Changelog


Gathered 1.3 adds 2 new data sources, app-wide improvements, and support for various features added in recent versions of iOS:

  • Adds Advertising and Authentication data sources
  • Data sources can now be reordered
  • Values can now be copied by tapping the cell
  • Adds support for iPhone X
  • Improves layout on iPads
  • Adds drag and drop support for recordings on iPads running iOS 11 or newer
  • Altimeter's "Relative Altitude" value can be reset to zero by tapping the cell
  • Adds "Speed (estimated)" to GPS data source
  • A "Start Recording" Quick Action has been added to the home screen icon
  • Recordings will now always use the update frequency set in the Settings tab
  • Fixes some exported CSV files being invalid
  • Fixes the Microphone data source pausing other audio
  • Fixes a crash that may occur when stopping a recording


  • Fixed bug in iOS 10 preventing exporting recording to CSV
  • Updated Microphone data source to not pause audio from other apps
  • Added link in Settings to the permission settings for Gathered, allowing for easy toggling of permissions
  • Updated versions of frameworks
  • Fully removed iAds, relying on only AdMob for adverts
  • Replaced Device’s "Headphones Attached" with "Audio Output Method"



  • Recordings can now be exported to JSON and CSV (this includes those recorded on older versions of Gathered)
  • Added analytics to help aid future development


  • Fixed "Thank you for your support! ☺️" line in Settings after buying all In App Purchases having a disclosure indicator
  • Fixed GPS data source crashing on iOS 7
  • Fixed In App Purchase related rows on the Settings tab not being refreshed after moving away from the Settings screen


  • When a recording is exported to a file, the file name has "Gathered-Recording-" prepended to it now



You can now record all of the data sources using the new Record tab. Recorded data can be exported in multiple ways:

  • Save to another app using the Document Picker (iOS 8+ only)
  • Share using the share extension
  • Manually copy the file using iTunes File Sharing

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Various bugs have been destroyed and other small improvements have been made, including:

  • The core functionality of Gathered has been rewritten, and is now faster, more stable, and allows each of the data sources to be recorded
  • Improved the handling of updating the values with the "Update While Scrolling" option enabled - the table should no longer "jump" while scrolling
  • The "Data Sources" tab has been renamed to "Monitor" to better reflect its use
  • Added check for whether the device supports Touch ID under the Device data source
  • Fixed a bug causing adverts to not be displayed in some situations
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when using the microphone sensor
  • Improved reliability of Cell Radio data source when switching carriers
  • Improved reliability and freshness of data of the GPS data source
  • Improved accessibility of the Monitor tab
  • Various other little bug fixes
  • Adverts are now shown on all tabs
  • The Update Frequency input will now update the "Second(s)" suffix as you type


  • Removed the Location and Device tabs

  • Moved the Settings screen to its own tab

  • Removed the "Disable Device Sleep" option (at Apple's request)

  • Gathered will now remember which tab you had selected and if you were editing, even when you leave the app closed for a long time

  • Improved reliability of purchasing and restoring in-app purchases

  • Fixed multiple crashes on the Settings screen on iOS 7, including:

  • Restoring or purchasing in-app purchases

  • Tapping on Rate Gathered on iTunes, Feedback, or Privacy Policy

  • Improvements and fixes for iOS 9

  • Reduced app size

  • Improved layout of alert to choose how to view a Twitter profile from the About screen

  • Lots of other little behind the scenes fixes to make Gathered faster and more stable


  • Initial release