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The Bug That Bit Me Twice

I've been working on a fix for a bug in Overamped, which causes the popover UI shown when tapping on an image in Google Images to be blank, if the link goes to an AMP page. This was a silly bug that never should've happened; knowing that Google can change their page structure at any time I should've been more cautious with my checks.

As a temporary quick fix I removed all custom handling of Google results, tested my changes in the simulator, and uploaded a new build to TestFlight.

After installing the TestFlight update on my phone I checked a search result that I knew recreated the problem, but it was still happening! I have other extensions installed so I disabled some, refreshed, and the bug was fixed!

I thought it would be very strange for the same – very specific – bug to appear in multiple extensions, so I did a little digging.

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Overamped version 1.2.1

Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue that can occur on newer versions of Safari on Google Images
  • Improved layout of popover on larger screens

Overamped version 1.2.0

Release Notes

Support for the Overamped Install Checker has been added, enabling a method of automatically checking if the Safari Extension is enabled and setup correctly.

The new install checker can be found in the About tab.

Overamped version 1.1.0

Release Notes

A new option in the Settings allows for a notification to be posted whenever Overamped redirects an AMP or Yandex Turbo page in Safari.

A new screen has been added under Advanced Statistics that displays each event that has occurred and allows for the deletion of individual events.

The permissions model has been simplified. The "Other Websites" will now be the only option shown when first installing the extension.

Overamped 1.1.0 and the Year of Small

So far my Year of Small is going really well; as I write this I'm making some final changes and preparing to push out v1.1.0-RC.1, which I hope to submit the App Store in the next couple of days.

Overamped 1.1.0 is an update I first started working on almost 3 months ago, and it should've been released earlier.

My initial plan for 1.1.0 was to:

  • Add a screen showing recently logged events
  • Add an option to send a notification when the Web Extension redirects a link
  • Simplify the permissions model
  • Add widgets

Easy, right? Well, adding widgets is why this update has been so delayed.

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Overamped version 1.0.3

Release Notes

This update includes a change that will hopefully prevent all recursive redirects, e.g. when a website automatically redirects to the AMP version. Unfortunately it's not possible to prevent the redirection to the AMP version but this fix should prevent the page repeatedly reloading.

A bug has also been fixed that would cause AMP Google News articles loaded after scrolling to the bottom to not be redirected.

Overamped version 1.0.2

Release Notes

Thank you to everyone that has downloaded Overamped!

The release is a hotfix for changes to Google image searches. Clicking links will no longer open the AMP popover and the AMP popover should be removed from the bottom of the screen

More features are being worked on.

Overamped version 1.0.1

Release Notes

Thank you to everyone that has downloaded Overamped! More features are planned for the future.

The source code of Overamped is now available on GitHub! You can find the link in the About tab.

This build also fixes some bugs:

  • Fix showing “Overamped” in place of “Safari” in installation instructions
  • Prevent infinite redirections to and