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Gathered 1.3 Release Notes

Gathered 1.3 has been released and is now available on the App Store. Version 1.3 brings 2 new data sources, app-wide speed and UX improvements, and support for various features added in recent versions of iOS.

This update also has lots of behind-the-scenes changes that will make future updates easier to create and deploy, which – along with my features roadmap – should mean more frequent updates.

I wasn't very happy removing the Heart Rate data source but Apple weren't very happy with the use of HealthKit.

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Gathered version 1.3.0

Release Notes

Gathered 1.3 adds 2 new data sources, app-wide improvements, and support for various features added in recent versions of iOS:

  • Adds Advertising and Authentication data sources
  • Data sources can now be reordered
  • Values can now be copied by tapping the cell
  • Adds support for iPhone X
  • Improves layout on iPads
  • Adds drag and drop support for recordings on iPads running iOS 11 or newer
  • Altimeter's "Relative Altitude" value can be reset to zero by tapping the cell
  • Adds "Speed (estimated)" to GPS data source
  • A "Start Recording" Quick Action has been added to the home screen icon
  • Recordings will now always use the update frequency set in the Settings tab
  • Fixes some exported CSV files being invalid
  • Fixes the Microphone data source pausing other audio
  • Fixes a crash that may occur when stopping a recording

Gathered version 1.2.0

Release Notes

  • Fixed bug in iOS 10 preventing exporting recording to CSV
  • Updated Microphone data source to not pause audio from other apps
  • Added link in Settings to the permission settings for Gathered, allowing for easy toggling of permissions
  • Updated versions of frameworks
  • Fully removed iAds, relying on only AdMob for adverts
  • Replaced Device’s "Headphones Attached" with "Audio Output Method"

Gathered version 1.1.1

Release Notes


  • Recordings can now be exported to JSON and CSV (this includes those recorded on older versions of Gathered)
  • Added analytics to help aid future development


  • Fixed "Thank you for your support! ☺️" line in Settings after buying all In App Purchases having a disclosure indicator
  • Fixed GPS data source crashing on iOS 7
  • Fixed In App Purchase related rows on the Settings tab not being refreshed after moving away from the Settings screen


  • When a recording is exported to a file, the file name has "Gathered-Recording-" prepended to it now

Gathered version 1.1.0

Release Notes


You can now record all of the data sources using the new Record tab. Recorded data can be exported in multiple ways:

  • Save to another app using the Document Picker (iOS 8+ only)
  • Share using the share extension
  • Manually copy the file using iTunes File Sharing

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Various bugs have been destroyed and other small improvements have been made, including:

  • The core functionality of Gathered has been rewritten, and is now faster, more stable, and allows each of the data sources to be recorded
  • Improved the handling of updating the values with the "Update While Scrolling" option enabled - the table should no longer "jump" while scrolling
  • The "Data Sources" tab has been renamed to "Monitor" to better reflect its use
  • Added check for whether the device supports Touch ID under the Device data source
  • Fixed a bug causing adverts to not be displayed in some situations
  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when using the microphone sensor
  • Improved reliability of Cell Radio data source when switching carriers
  • Improved reliability and freshness of data of the GPS data source
  • Improved accessibility of the Monitor tab
  • Various other little bug fixes
  • Adverts are now shown on all tabs
  • The Update Frequency input will now update the "Second(s)" suffix as you type

Gathered version 1.0.1

Release Notes

  • Removed the Location and Device tabs

  • Moved the Settings screen to its own tab

  • Removed the "Disable Device Sleep" option (at Apple's request)

  • Gathered will now remember which tab you had selected and if you were editing, even when you leave the app closed for a long time

  • Improved reliability of purchasing and restoring in-app purchases

  • Fixed multiple crashes on the Settings screen on iOS 7, including:

  • Restoring or purchasing in-app purchases

  • Tapping on Rate Gathered on iTunes, Feedback, or Privacy Policy

  • Improvements and fixes for iOS 9

  • Reduced app size

  • Improved layout of alert to choose how to view a Twitter profile from the About screen

  • Lots of other little behind the scenes fixes to make Gathered faster and more stable