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Pull request Add support for watchOS on Quick/Nimble

This PR is to add support for running on watchOS. Since Xcode 12.5 watchOS has been supported but Nimble doesn't currently compile for watchOS.

A new target has been added to the project, along with explicit support in the Package.swift.

I don't believe anything here is a breaking change.

I have a fork of Quick that also supports watchOS. I'll create a PR for that if this PR gets approved and merged.

Hosting DocC Archives

At WWDC21 Apple introduced DocC, a tool for creating archives of Swift documentation that includes the static files required to host a version of the documentation on a website.

In this post I will summarise various methods of serving a DocC archive:

  • Netlify
  • Vapor middleware
  • nginx
  • Apache

All the examples provided here are hosting the DocC archive for VaporDocC, the Vapor middleware I wrote for hosting DocC archives.

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VaporDocC v0.1.0

Release Notes

  • Support redirecting requests for the root (“/“)
  • Support redirecting requests with missing trailing slashes to include trailing slashes

Pull request Add JosephDuffy/VaporDocC.git on SwiftPackageIndex/PackageList

The package(s) being submitted are:


I have either:

  • [x] Run swift ./validate.swift.

Or, checked that:

  • [ ] The package repositories are publicly accessible.
  • [ ] The packages all contain a Package.swift file in the root folder.
  • [ ] The packages are written in Swift 5.0 or later.
  • [ ] The packages all contain at least one product (either library or executable), and at least one product is usable in other Swift apps.
  • [ ] The packages all have at least one release tagged as a semantic version.
  • [ ] The packages all output valid JSON from swift package dump-package with the latest Swift toolchain.
  • [ ] The package URLs are all fully specified including the protocol (usually https) and the .git extension.
  • [ ] The packages all compile without errors.
  • [ ] The package list JSON file is sorted alphabetically.

Handling iCal Files in iOS

The iCal format, first defined as a standard as RFC 2445 in 1998, is the universally accepted format for distributing calendar files, mainly used for distributing events.

As part of my QR code scanning app Scanula I added support for detecting events in scanned objects. Thanks to the fantastic libical and the Swift wrapper swift-ical it's fairly easy to parse an iCal feed, but adding it to iOS is a bit trickier.

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Scanula version 1.2.0

Release Notes

Version 1.2 of Scanula provides better integration with system features, improvements to existing feature, and a few bug fixes.

  • Support for system dark mode
  • Support long press to preview scans
  • Improved UI on iPads
  • Use system icons
  • Adding a scanned calendar to the system calendar will now add all fields from the iCal object
  • Improved handling of sms: URLs
  • Fix changing brightness when viewing a generated barcode
  • Fix action extensions sometimes not showing results
  • Various small bug fixes and UI improvements

The iPod touch Is My Favourite Device for iOS Development

It's important to test across various screen sizes, which the iOS simulator is good for, but it's also important to test on real devices where possible. I currently have an iPhone 11 Pro, an iPhone 6, and 2 iPod touches. Out of all these I find the iPod touch to be the best device for a lot of iOS development.

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Four Squares version 2.1

Release Notes

Four Squares 2.1 adds support for manually uploading completed games to iCloud, including games completed in Four Squares 1.0. Games completed in Four Squares 1.0 can also now be deleted.