It's a Duffy Thing

Published 3rd December, 2015

I recently released a major overhaul for this website. The old website used an old version Node.js and used Ghost to power the blog. I didn't find it very easy to maintain and wanted more flexibility. While the new website may not have the best design, I'm a lot happier with it overall. Along with the rewrite of the website itself, I also gave it a new name: It's a Duffy Thing. This was inspired by a shirt that my Dad bought me.

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Gathered version 1.0.1

Released 12th November, 2015

Release Notes

  • Removed the Location and Device tabs
  • Moved the Settings screen to its own tab
  • Removed the "Disable Device Sleep" option (at Apple's request)
  • Gathered will now remember which tab you had selected and if you were editing, even when you leave the app closed for a long time
  • Improved reliability of purchasing and restoring in-app purchases
  • Fixed multiple crashes on the Settings screen on iOS 7, including:

  • Restoring or purchasing in-app purchases

  • Tapping on Rate Gathered on iTunes, Feedback, or Privacy Policy

  • Improvements and fixes for iOS 9

  • Reduced app size
  • Improved layout of alert to choose how to view a Twitter profile from the About screen
  • Lots of other little behind the scenes fixes to make Gathered faster and more stable

Touch ID on the Lock Screen

Published 3rd October, 2015

Touch ID is a wonderful piece of technology, to the point where wouldn't buy an iOS device without it. It had many great uses, such as:

  • Unlock the device
  • Authorise Apple Pay payments
  • Add biometric restrictions within apps

However, I wish to discuss the first of these: unlocking the device.

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