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Pull request Perform item reloads in a separate batch of updates on opennetltd/Composed

This works around a bug from ~iOS 14 that causes the last N items in a section to ignore any updates applied to them when N items are deleted from the same section and the items are at the end of the section.

This also removes the conversion of inserts/removals in to updates, which reduces the chances of this code being needed and also more closely matches the intent of the user; if something has truly moved or been updated the appropriate methods can be used, while removals and inserts that happen to result in the same position will not animate as a refresh.

This also fixes the crash that #6 was originally aiming to fix. It became much easier to reason about the changes once the reloads were not synthesised and were using the post-updates index paths.

I want to add more unit tests here and UI tests in ComposedUITests before merging this.

Pull request Fix reload delete same index path on opennetltd/Composed

This is an improvement but it's not quite a fix yet.

I think the issue is in the transforming of the index paths. We probably need to work with a mixture of the current and the transformed index paths in ChangesReducer.removeElements(at:) but I can't figure out the right mix and need to step away for a bit to clear my head of this, hopefully coming back with "fresh eyes."

Pull request Enable Strict Concurrency Checks on opennetltd/Composed

The primary change here is to enable strict concurrency checks via -Xfrontend -strict-concurrency=complete. The main knock-on effect of this is that @MainActor has been added to most protocols and types.

I also:

  • Bumped the Swift tools version to 5.7
    • With this the name parameter on the dependency declaration has been deprecated
  • Removed support for all but UICollectionViews
    • We don't use any of the other view types so this has no impact on us, other than less to update and maintain
    • We did rely on some of the extensions on UITableView. The PR in the main repo now includes these extensions
  • The required initialisers on ArraySection have been removed
    • I planned to remove these soon because they make it harder to subclass, but these have been removed now because they were used for protocol conformances that cannot be satisfied with an actor-isolated function