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Swift Package Collection Signing Using the Terminal

Swift Packages are JSON files that describe a collection of packages. This post will explain how to sign these packages with a trusted certificate entirely from the terminal. These methods should work on Linux and macOS alike. At the end I describe how to have Swift on Linux implicitly trust these packages.

Using this technique I have published my own package collection.

If you're targeting macOS only and find GUIs more intuitive I recommend following the “Swift Package Collection” blog post from Shaps, which is the post that finally made this “click” for me.

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Pull request Correctly calculate `CollectionFlowLayoutEnvironment.contentSize` on composed-swift/Composed

Here's a small PR for a bug that I think has just gone unnoticed because we've never used the sectionInset property of the UICollectionViewFlowLayout, and we've never used the contentInset property of UICollectionView.

The issues looks to be that the layout's sectionInset property is applied on a per-section basis, but the collection view's contentInset was not being honoured.

It was also calculated using insetBy(dx:dy:), which will modify the width by -dx * 2, which would double the expected insets.

Overamped version 1.0.3

Release Notes

This update includes a change that will hopefully prevent all recursive redirects, e.g. when a website automatically redirects to the AMP version. Unfortunately it's not possible to prevent the redirection to the AMP version but this fix should prevent the page repeatedly reloading.

A bug has also been fixed that would cause AMP Google News articles loaded after scrolling to the bottom to not be redirected.

Overamped version 1.0.2

Release Notes

Thank you to everyone that has downloaded Overamped!

The release is a hotfix for changes to Google image searches. Clicking links will no longer open the AMP popover and the AMP popover should be removed from the bottom of the screen

More features are being worked on.

Overamped version 1.0.1

Release Notes

Thank you to everyone that has downloaded Overamped! More features are planned for the future.

The source code of Overamped is now available on GitHub! You can find the link in the About tab.

This build also fixes some bugs:

  • Fix showing “Overamped” in place of “Safari” in installation instructions
  • Prevent infinite redirections to and