Pull request Update Carthage to create a single archive on facebook/facebook-ios-sdk

Opened 14th May, 2019

Carthage expects a single .zip file containing all frameworks for all platforms. The current method means that only the FBSDKCoreKit framework will be downloaded (when not using --no-use-binaries), this should allow them to all be downloaded automatically by Carthage.

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Pull request Support embedding data sources in a carousel on thread/Composed

Opened 13th May, 2019

Classing as a draft since there are likely a few issues and this hasn't really been used "in the wild" yet.

But anyway I think this is the basic required.

The general idea is that the EmbeddedDataSource implements a few more of the delegate methods around sizing, and has a custom sizing strategy. Overall the API is pretty much the same (it needs to be told the sizing strategy for the embedded data source but I think that's it).

One odd thing is that the data source you pass in to the embedding one will contain a sizing strategy, but it will be largely (maybe entirely?) ignored, but it still needs to provide UI because it's going to be providing the cells themselves.