Pull request Add quotes around fix missing symbols URL on getsentry/sentry

Opened 8th July, 2019

When copy/pasting this command in fish (untested in other shells) the shell will try to expand the URL due to the ? in the URL (No matches for wildcard 'https://sentry.io/api/0/projects/[...]/processingissues/fix?_=[...]'. See `help expand`.)

This was raised in support request 22916. Colleen was kind enough to point me to this line of code.

I am not totally familiar with JSX syntax so I hope that simply adding quotes works and does not need any escaping.

Partial in Swift

Published 10th July, 2018

Structs are incredibly useful in Swift, especially when representing static read-only data. However, the values of a struct often come from multiple sources, such as view controllers, network requests, and files on disk, which can make the creation of these structs cumbersome.

There are numerous methods to work around this, but each have their downsides. One of these methods is to change the struct to a class and update the properties to vars, but this removes the advantages of read-only structs. Another is to make a "builder" object, but the API of this object must be kept in-sync with the object is wraps.

Partial eliminates these problems by providing a type-safe API for building structs by utilising generics and KeyPaths. Although I learned of the concept of Partial through TypeScript – which provides Partial as a built-in type – the Swift implementation supports many more use cases.

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Scanula version 1.1.2

Released 6th May, 2018

Release Notes

Version 1.1.2 improves the reliability of animating the screen brightness when viewing QR codes.

Thank you for using Scanula!

Scanula version 1.1.1

Released 26th April, 2018

Release Notes

Version 1.1.1 addresses an issue that may cause the camera to appear blank on certain devices.

Thank you for using Scanula!

Gathered 1.3 Release Notes

Published 11th March, 2018

Gathered 1.3 has been released and is now available on the App Store. Version 1.3 brings 2 new data sources, app-wide speed and UX improvements, and support for various features added in recent versions of iOS.

This update also has lots of behind-the-scenes changes that will make future updates easier to create and deploy, which – along with my features roadmap – should mean more frequent updates.

I wasn't very happy removing the Heart Rate data source but Apple weren't very happy with the use of HealthKit.

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Gathered version 1.3.0

Released 11th March, 2018

Release Notes

Gathered 1.3 adds 2 new data sources, app-wide improvements, and support for various features added in recent versions of iOS:

  • Adds Advertising and Authentication data sources
  • Data sources can now be reordered
  • Values can now be copied by tapping the cell
  • Adds support for iPhone X
  • Improves layout on iPads
  • Adds drag and drop support for recordings on iPads running iOS 11 or newer
  • Altimeter's "Relative Altitude" value can be reset to zero by tapping the cell
  • Adds "Speed (estimated)" to GPS data source
  • A "Start Recording" Quick Action has been added to the home screen icon
  • Recordings will now always use the update frequency set in the Settings tab
  • Fixes some exported CSV files being invalid
  • Fixes the Microphone data source pausing other audio
  • Fixes a crash that may occur when stopping a recording