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Nevis version 1.0.1

Release Notes

  • Improve handling of watch folder
  • Improve notification text when an error occurs

Pull request Potential fix for invalidation crashes on composed-swift/ComposedUI

As mentioned in and there are some scenarios where the collection view’s data is out-of-sync with the data in composed.

As mentioned in calling layoutIfNeeded can trigger the data to be in sync again. In this I have added it to mappingWillBeginUpdating(_:) which appears to solve the problem.

It might be needed in replace(sectionProvider:) (because reloadData is called) and/or mappingDidInvalidate(_:) (for the same reason) but I’m still investigating.

I have validated this fix against and it fixes the crash. still needs to be investigated and may require layoutIfNeeded to be called in mappingDidInvalidate. Marking as a draft until this is checked.

Supporting Multiple Swift Package Versions Without Breaking Compatibility

The Xcode 12 beta includes Swift 5.3 but drops support for iOS 8.x. This means that Swift packages that support iOS 8 will cause a warning:

The iOS deployment target 'IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET' is set to 8.0, but the range of supported deployment target versions is 9.0 to 14.0.99.

It's not possible to remove this warning within a project that depends on a Swift package with a deployment target of iOS 8, but it is possible to fix this in the dependency without removing support for iOS 8 for older versions of Swift. There are multiple way this can be accomplished.

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Pull request Rewrite delegates to take perform update closures on composed-swift/Composed

This is a major API change so is in a v2 branch. If we agree on a direction we could start adding PRs in to this branch.

This change would enable multiple changes to be applied at once, e.g. by requiring balanced calls to mappingWillBeginUpdating and mappingDidEndUpdating and only performing the updates when an equal number of mappingDidEndUpdating calls have been made. This could be a small performance improvement but would also improve animations.

By adding the performUpdate closure the changes to the model layer can be applied only when the consumer is expecting them, e.g. for UICollectionView this would be inside performBatchUpdates and would fix the existing crashes that occur when performing a change when there are pending layout changes.

Some tests and types have been commented out since this is more of a starting point for a discussion around the API than it is a solid implementation.

This is the closest I can see the API being (although it's still a breaking change) but maybe a bigger change would be better.

The biggest PITA is that the sections need to keep track of "current" data (e.g. what's being displayed by a collection view) and the "pending" data (e.g. what's about to be applied). I don't think this adds any memory overhead but it does add much more to the knowledge required when implementing a section.

Pull request Sort symlinks in order required for unzip on weichsel/ZIPFoundation

Changes proposed in this PR

  • Fix extraction order of symlinks

Tests performed

  • Existing tests
  • Extracting the AltServer download from

Further info for the reviewer

This needs more tests to ensure full coverage, but also to prove that this was previously broken and is now fixed.

The added function is public because I'm using it to extract a subset of the entries in the archive that contains symlinks.

Open Issues

#185, possibly #62.