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Pull request Set `updateDelegate` when a provider invalidates on composed-swift/Composed

Opened 6th July, 2020

Basic Sections were not propagating updates if added via a call to invalidateAll. This is to address #2.

The issue can be recreated by using a SegmentedSectionProvider when switching to a segment that contains a Section (SectionProvider works I think)

This commit alone is likely not enough to fix this issue; updateDelegate should probably be set to nil for removed Sections, and should probably be set in more places.

Persist v1.0.0-rc1

Released 30th May, 2020

Release Notes

Release candidate 1 for 1.0 stable release

Has lots of tests but little documentation. API has changes a lot since initial 0.1.0 but Iā€™m happy with it now. Hopefully it is consistent and (once docs are added) easy to use.

YetiiLiib 0.2.2

Released 22nd December, 2015

Release Notes

Updated App Store URL generation

Fixed error when loading app store from generated URLs Moved logic for generating App Store URL to the AppMetaData struct Improved documentation around App Store URLs

YetiiLiib Versions 0.0.1 to 0.2.1

Published between 7th December, 2015 and 10th December, 2015