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Pull request Add quotes around fix missing symbols URL on getsentry/sentry

Opened 8th July, 2019

When copy/pasting this command in fish (untested in other shells) the shell will try to expand the URL due to the ? in the URL (No matches for wildcard 'https://sentry.io/api/0/projects/[...]/processingissues/fix?_=[...]'. See `help expand`.)

This was raised in support request 22916. Colleen was kind enough to point me to this line of code.

I am not totally familiar with JSX syntax so I hope that simply adding quotes works and does not need any escaping.

YetiiLiib 0.2.2

Released 22nd December, 2015

Release Notes

Updated App Store URL generation

Fixed error when loading app store from generated URLs Moved logic for generating App Store URL to the AppMetaData struct Improved documentation around App Store URLs

YetiiLiib Versions 0.0.1 to 0.2.1

Published between 7th December, 2015 and 10th December, 2015